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Motorola Motonav TN7xx & TN5xx Owner's Thread



  • mahammel 41 Points
    sorry but i gotta ask: :oops: why concern for a .5 to 1.1 mile, known trip?

    especially if it works beyond that.

    jes' wundin.

    My Camel
  • egale 0 Points
    Not super concerned about one trip but it is the first one and I hope not a bad omen of things to come. If it does a good job on routes that I know, it makes it easy to trust it when going somewhere I have no clue. But, when it can't do a simple point a to b and doubles the distance, it will make it hard to trust on a long journey where I need it to get me there efficiently and not double a 50 mile trip into 100 miles.

    Like I said, I will have to run it through its paces to really decide how good or bad it is. I still have an open mind although more cautious then before.
  • I find it almost impossible for any GPS, let alone this one, to turn a 50 mile trip into 100. You definitely need to use it more before you get too concerned.

    I have driven tons of local trips and out of town trips with no major problems with routing.
  • caryrae 92 Points
    Saw this on the website:

    A free map update along with the latest software release will be available for compatible TN series devices on April 15th. To redeem you must be within 60 days of your first GPS fix.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    just grabbed my wife's gps (read: gps).

    plugged it in and it said it had 2 updates for me: bt/os (i think that's bluetooth and operating system). and something else. i'm in the middle of it now. will advise
  • caryrae 92 Points
    I didn't have the bluetooth one it could be the one that came out a while ago but did get the new software update 17mb not sure what the update was though. Update is
  • mahammel 41 Points
    can you give us the link where it said the updates were available?
  • This is great news! And it's also great news that there is an OS update too! Maybe some of the panic around here can subside. lol

    I am not at home so I can't update until tonight! My Camel or caryrae, did it offer you the free map update when you connected? Was it Q4?
  • mahammel 41 Points
    no map update. remember they said 3rd week in april. hope it will be at the beginning of the week. if i have a moment i'll call and see what i can find out..

    updates (for me) were BT/OS & SW UPDATE (US).
  • caryrae 92 Points
    but they also say on the website that a free map update is or was available on the 15th, yesterday.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    Btw IT DOES SAY Q3

    Jamira says they should be available before the day is out. check back this evening. They're "dumping" them now.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    so now, when it's available, do we (individually of course) want to spend an additional $80 to get Q4 instead of Q3?

    What say ye one and all? :?:
  • cperk 0 Points
    2009 Q4 Maps downloaded!! They're finally here and I'm in the process of updating now!
  • mahammel 41 Points
    YAHOO (oops didn't mean to plug anyone in particular).

    I"m d/l mine now. and YES, they're Q4.

    My Camel :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:

    I will be downloading tonight when I get off work!!!
  • caryrae 92 Points
    Is there anywhere to find out what there Software updates include. May be nice to know what they fixed/updated/added, etc.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    i would guess you can call and ask. chances are they'll need to ask their engineers and it will take a couple of days to get back to you but i think they'll do it!
  • mahammel 41 Points
    just finished the d/l. checked system/about/contents/maps

    Q4 IS THERE!
  • cperk 0 Points
    Well I downloaded and installed 2009 Q4, but now I have no streets showing on my screen. System shows 2009 Q4, but there is no map detail. Trying a re-install now.
  • cperk 0 Points
    Re-install solved the problem, Hooray!!
  • Have you guys noticed anything different with either the map update and/or software update? Are there more speed limit icons? More POI?
  • mahammel 41 Points
    they call it "the 60 latest map guarantee".

    even though they "say" q3 on the website, that explains why they gave us q4. and we thought we were special!!

    and no, i haven't had time to look at anything on either unit.

    i'm d/l the q4 maps onto my newest one from newegg.

    now my xyl and i will have the same. isn't that special!

    BTW for those that don't know Ham Talk, XYL stands for "ex-Young Lady" or commonly called a "wife".

    little education never hurt no body no how

    My Camel
  • OH BOY, this is big---cant wait for the newegg replacement to get here so i can jump on the download bandwagon!


  • cperk 0 Points
    WizeGuyDezignz, I noticed several POI's in my area that have been added, as for the speed limit signs, I haven't taken it on the road yet.

    I aslo found some of the streets in my area that were missing on the 2009 Q1 maps are now on these, so it did do some updating.

    So far very happy with this upgrade.
  • Great news cperk!!
  • TxBs 0 Points
    I am not able to get the map to my 765t.

    I was able to download the map, but every time I click on the install wizard's install box, I get a windows error, and the toolbox shuts down.

    Is anyone else having this problem? It is driving me crazy.
  • I didn't have any problem installing it on Windows 7 x64.
  • egale 0 Points
    No problems here either. Windows 7 X64
  • mahammel 41 Points
    If you're using tool box you should be d/l AND installing at one time.

    If you're doing them seperately, then you're not using tool box (i think).

    someone correct me if i'm wrong here.

    that would say then that you d/l maps using the website and that's not the way to do it. you should contact 2nd level support (number in a previous email).

  • TxBs 0 Points
    All better now. I unloaded the Toolbox and my backups and this morning's map update, and reinstalled the toolbox. After another two hours to re-download the maps, everything loaded as its supposed to.

    Now for the road test to see whats been changed.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    good to hear
  • mahammel 41 Points
    got a strange one. i'm able to send poi's/functions via google to my 765 #1 s/n but not to my 765#2 s/n.

    i know it recognizes the s/n and sends to it via the update funciton (sends to area code 206 xxx xxxx) then you call it from the 765 and it d/l's it. but taint working.

    2nd level support doesn't work on weekends apparently.

    unless on of ya have a solution i can't get poi's/favorites to my favorites.

  • kroams 0 Points
    I purchased a TN765t from the recent $199 deal and am very impressed after my first day with it. Coming from a Navigon I do miss the widely available junction view and hope Motorola will add it later. I also wish it would show the name of the current street.

    So far routing seems to be great. The updates installed fine from my Windows 7 32-bit computer and it installed the Q4 2009 maps. I look forward to using it more!
  • mahammel 41 Points

    My Camel
  • I've decided to return the Amazon one and go for the Newegg deal too. Saving 50ish bucks and getting lifetime map updates was too sweet to pass up.

    I already know I love the gps unit.

    Thanks for the heads up on the deal!
  • mahammel 41 Points
    when you drive by a location you wish to make a "favorite", how do you quickly make it one?


    after searching the map and you find a location you want to make a "favorite", how do you make it one?
  • TxBs 0 Points
    If you want to make a "drive-by" favorite; begin by opening the left side window. Choose the dashboard, its the compass and speed window. Arrow down and you'll see your current location listed. Below that will be the 'make favorite' button.

    If your scrolling on the map, and wish to mke a location a favorite; hold your finger on the screen for a second, at the spot you wish to save. An information and flag button will pop open. Choose the info (I) button and a right window will open. Scroll down, and you'll see the make favotriet button.

    I am jealous about the lifetime maps deal.
  • egale 0 Points
    Where do you see lifetime maps?
  • mahammel 41 Points
    If you want to make a "drive-by" favorite; begin by opening the left side window. Choose the dashboard, its the compass and speed window. Arrow down and you'll see your current location listed. Below that will be the 'make favorite' button.

    If your scrolling on the map, and wish to mke a location a favorite; hold your finger on the screen for a second, at the spot you wish to save. An information and flag button will pop open. Choose the info (I) button and a right window will open. Scroll down, and you'll see the make favotriet button.
    thanks! i can't believe i didn't know these. i think i was looking for a "one button press" solution. it's not great but will do.
  • WizeGuyDezignz 5 Points
    edited April 2010
    Where do you see lifetime maps?
    He must have got it confused with lifetime traffic.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    yeah. that'd be my guess
  • egale 0 Points
  • egale, are you liking the unit more now that you've had some time with it?
  • mahammel 41 Points
    here's an interesting find but not of too much use unless you're having a problem (as i am):

    after sending a POI from Google Maps to your PND, you use the "google update" in favorites on the PND to d/l that (or those) POI. your PND dials a 206 # to acquire the the POI you sent. (Okay so far?)

    well if it doesn't have anything to send, it takes about 16 seconds to call, identify there's nothing and then hang up. BUT IF THERE IS something to download it takes about 40 seconds to d/l one or two POI.

    i know this because PND #1 works and takes longer and the POI shows up in google under favorites. PND #2 doesn't work and it only takes 16 seconds and there's NOTHING!!!! in google favorites.

    this sucks and they're closed today.

  • Grr. This no sleep thing is bad. I'm sorry again guys, 2nd time I've goofed on this thread. It is traffic.

    This volcano is keeping me up pretty much 24/7 trying to get clients out of Europe.

    Not quite as excited as I was a bit ago...
  • egale 0 Points
    egale, are you liking the unit more now that you've had some time with it?
    Yes. Other routing has been good. Have not tried the short trip from the train station with the new maps. Will do that tomorrow.

    It did stop talking to me during one trip. I had to turn it off and back on to get the voices back.

    I wish some of the dashboard info would be on the screen all the time and I wish it showed speed limits more often. It doesn't show speed limits on any roads by me except really major highways. Even Saw Mill River Parkway which is a major road shows no speed limits. Also it displays the names of some cross roads but not all and sometimes it displays the name of a side road off a cross road, but not the crossroad.

    Otherwise I like it. voice commands are hit or miss but the screen is bright and clear and the route easy to follow. Now if they just release maps in a timely matter and come up with an affordable update plan!!!!!

    Oh and also, how do you know if there is a traffic connection or not? By me its hit or miss again and I don't see any indication of whether it is connected or not.
  • egale,

    It's my understanding it's always connected to traffic as long as it's in the cradle. I believe it's all via fm radio signals.
  • egale 0 Points
    Thats true like all GPSs with traffic. But like Garmin or Tomtom, you can tell whether you have a lock on a traffic station. They will show a green icon to let you know it has traffic info. Otherwise, you don't know if you you have no traffic or the gps can't find traffic info.
  • NCNyrk 0 Points
    edited April 2010
    Hi...long time lurker; first time poster. Was a die hard Mio Digiwalker C320 fan for years until it died a painful death. I have purchased and returned 5 different GPS units over the past year and think I have finally found one to fit my needs!

    I am a county collector, so I use the GPS to plot very detailed routes with many via points that are first plotted in microsoft streets & trips. I took the system for a spin this weekend to pick up a few counties in Georgia I was missing and overall it performed admirably, with a few hiccups.

    For this purpose, I usually have the setting on Shortest, and I enter lots of waypoints. The system did a pretty good job of recognizing I had made the waypoint and continuing on to the next point. Recalculation was very fast and overall the directions seemed pretty accurate.

    I had a couple of routing errors that were annoying; in one spot I was told to exit the freeway and then re-enter the freeway, probably an artifact of using the Shortest setting.

    Would love to see Speed Limit on the main page and current street name would be great. I typically drive with the Route Calculator displayed at all times. I don't really get the vertical bar with timer in it, and ETA calculation and traffic info seemed decently accurate, but neither are a huge negative for me. I agree with another poster that the voice recognition was horrible.

    The unit ran extremely hot; it was a warm weekend, but when removing it from the cradle, I was very surprised at how hot to the touch the device had become.

    Wish there were more voices available, and I long for the day when I can send a route to a GPS unit; not just a collection of points, but perhaps someday soon there will be a device that can actually run Streets & Trips, which would be great.

    Anyway just thought I'd chime in with my 2 cents. Looking forward to reading and hearing any tips or tricks anyone else comes up with for this device. It's definitely the best-looking GPS I've seen.

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