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TeleType WorldNav Charging for System Updates

I purchased a TeleType WorldNav GPS for my car about a year ago. As with any unit, they have bugs in the software that users report and they try to fix them in the next update. When I recently contacted them about getting a download of the newest version of the operating system, I was told I could no longer receive a free download of the Operating System. I was told they were packaging the latest version of the Operating System and the latest map updates together and I would have to pay $60 for a single-use download to get the latest version. To me, this is a ripoff. I can see having to pay for Map updates. They have to buy these and passing the cost on to the user is fair but having to buy the map updates to get the companies Operating System bug fixes doesn't seem to be fair. Anyone else experiencing this with other brands. Paying $60 every 6 months to a year will make me switch brands.

Any thoughts?
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