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Navigon Fresh Won't Recognize My 7200T

navman7 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I haven't tried to Update my software or Maps in a while so when I went to open Navigon Fresh nothing happened, it wouldn't open. So I downloaded it again and noticed it looked all different. I finally got in to my account and tried to go into My System and a screen popped up showing my system but only for about 2 seconds and it was gone. Right after that another screen popped up and said " Invalid Device File ". Every time I clicked on software update or download maps or backup and restore I get the same thing " Invalid Device File "
My question is what do I do to get my updates and new maps? Last time I used Navigon Fresh ( a while back ) it worked fine.


  • ovrclckd 0 Points
    you may have downloaded the wrong version of Fresh. If your download was 13544 KB's then that is the European version and won't work with North American units. Navigon fresh for NA is a 7391 KB's file.
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