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Free Map Update hangs on "Processing..."

I am trying to download my free map update. I am within the 60 day window.

I login, click on my maps, click on map update. I get a green light for computer being read, a green light for device ready, and then it just sits there with a yellow light beside "processing..."

How long should processing last? I left it there for about an hour, then gave up and started over. Now I am sitting here at the same spot.


  • How fast is your internet connection? The maps downloads range between roughly 3 and 4 GIGabytes, so it could be a few hours with a connection of less than 1 Mb/second.
  • I have a very fast cable connection.

    What confuses me, though, is it doesn't look like it is downloading anything. I don't get a status bar, or a popup window, or anything. It just sits there at the "Processing" step.
  • kenp 92 Points
    After it downloads it takes a couple of hours to load onto the GPS. If you cut it off after an hour total it wasn't nearly done.

    The downloaded install file should be somewhere on your system. Run it again, and let it finish. I did mine when there was a good movie on TV.

  • As kenp noted, search your computer for a file named garmin_rmu_*.exe and you should see what was downloaded as a single self-extracting update. The "*" represents the map set you requested and the version so I can't be any more specific than that without knowing the download file name.
  • Thanks guys. For some reason, the download was not starting. I restarted the computer and tried again and didn't have any trouble this time.
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