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iphone map app

tbui 0 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
Dear Guru,

My iPhone (3G) Map app (the one come with the iPhone) works fine in north america, even without the data plan. However when I went to Europe, the Map app could not determine the GPS location. I had to try for a day before it can calculate the GPS coordinate. Once it successfully obtain the locations, it works well (without data plan, the map can be pre-loaded on wifi hot spot).

I went to Asia last year, and for two weeks there, I could not make the Map app to locate it's GPS coordinate.

Any one may know the problem behind this "unable to determine the location" of the iPhone GPS ?

Thanks a bunch.


  • patruns 10 Points
    Which version of iPhone are you using? Assuming it is the one with the built-in GPS, you might be experiencing the loss of the "assisted GPS" feature which uses the cell towers to increase reception. That being the case, the built-in GPS in many phones can take forever to find enough sats to lock on to due to the limited power and reception as compared to a regular GPS device.
  • tbui 0 Points
    Thanks for your reply. I have the 3G iPhone with the latest iPhone OS.

    I don't have data plan while travelling in Europe/Asia. Is this the reason why A-GPS (which depends on the cell-towers) does not work and the real GPS device on the iPhone could not lock on the satellite signals ?

    Thanks again...
  • patruns 10 Points
    That is probably very likely the reason. Assisted GPS uses a GPRS connection, which is your data connection.
  • Tim 1486 Points
    Keep in mind that "A-GPS" (Assisted GPS) can mean different things to different people. Many do not require a cellular connection, but one does make acquisition faster as it uses the data as a sort of predictive ephemeris.
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