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Software upgrade for NAVIGON 2110 max

Spyder63 331 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Software upgrade for NAVIGON 2110 max - EU ONLY.

Upgrade your device to a NAVIGON 2110 max* – with NAVIGON MyRoutes, Spoken TMC, TMC Routing Info, Text-to-Speech and many other helpful functions that can all be installed easily via NAVIGON Fresh.

Your software package also includes:

* Additional Text-to-Speech languages (Danish, Dutch)
* New system languages
* NAVIGON map update Q1/2010, including 40 countries.
* Including a new update for Clever Parking and Safety Camera.

The Picture Viewer function will no longer be available after the upgrade.

Editorial: Just another slap in the face of US customers...."map update Q1/2010, including 40 countries."


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