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Did Q3 2009 Maps Solve Canadian Issue?

takawira 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
There is thread in which Canadian maps from Q2 2009 did not work properly. I am wondering if that problem was resolved by Q3 maps since my wife may need to come up to Canada and use our GPS.


  • ovrclckd 0 Points
    No, Q3 had same issues
  • takawira 0 Points
    Well, I think I have sort of hit the jackpot. For those who don't mind going back to Q2 maps, if you upgrade your software to version 7.4 all the Canadian map problems will disappear. I am yet to test if Q3 maps will do the same.
  • ovrclckd 0 Points
    I am using 7.4 and q3 2009 maps with no problems
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