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HELP....with HP Ipaq 5935 adding usa [HP]


i have a HP ipaq 5935, ive had it from new,

i want to take it to florida with me in a few weeks,

i cant seem to be able to add the usa maps, when i copy them over they arnt seen anywhere, i cant change maps in tomtom as only uk ones there

also, would i be able to upgrade from windows mobile 5 to 6 or 7 easily, its just all the software i got with the ipaq doesnt run under vista or win7




  • patruns 10 Points
    You can't upgrade the operating system on any of the iPaqs. HP does not offer an upgrade and since they modified the code, neither does Microsoft. This is true for most Windows Mobile devices.

    As for the map, if you cannot get one from TomTom you are out of luck with that as well. None are offer by HP.
  • SCAFFERS 0 Points

    been had over then,

    looks like currys are gonna sell a new tomtom today

  • patruns 10 Points
    If additional maps of other countries are important to you, choose wisely. Many devices do not have that option even if the company sells maps of other areas.
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