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Navigon Freshmaps and 8100t SD Card

KJC52000 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Help I have 2 questions. If I buy a Freshmaps card off ebay will it actually get me a recent map update? Are they still doing updates?

Also I need a SD card for an 8100t, my dog ate the original, really. anybody know where I can get one?

Man I really put a lot of faith in Navigon before they quit the US. Love my 7100t.


  • I believe the Fresh Map updates are still available, though it took a long time for the 4q2009 to come out. Who knows about the next one.

    As for an SD card, buy a good SD Ultra speed card - it sped up the performance of my 8100T (before it was stolen/broken...)

    Good luck!
  • KJC52000 0 Points
    Thanks for the reply but I still have a problem. I can't find the 8200t software to download onto the new card. Does that make sense?
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