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Navigon 7310 - inactive

edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Good morning,

I have big problem with my Navigon 7310. I have rewrote some picture of skin in my PND (with the same resolution, color depth etc.) and device didn´t start after it. Because I did backup of content before I tried to rewrote whole subfolder with pictures with the original files, but it didn´t help. When I tried to start device, there was only startup screen and than nothing (device turned off).
Unfortunatelly even after this I found out that in Navigon Fresh utility has backup feature, so I tried to write new firmware but it didn´t helped too. Utility reported Uknown device. (Then there was the same behaviour-startup screen and turning off).
So after that I tried to rewrote the whole content of datas which I have backed up, but when copiing was in +- 70 precents, device disconnected itself. After that, device is not able connecting to PC as mass storage device at all and nothing helped. I tried to download drives etc. - no response.

Can you hlep me please? Should I use warranty claim about this?

M. Moravec
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