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2100 memory

edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Could someone tell me what the best 4gb memory is for my 2100?
I emailed navigon and all they said was: (We do recommend the cards from San Disc with 4GB memory) Thats great but can I use any class, like class 2, or class 4. Can I use the ultra II? Can I use sdhc? Can someone tell me the fastest card I can use? thanks much!


  • takawira 0 Points
    I had the 2gb ultra ii in my stolen 2120max. worked like a charm. now i have the sdhc class 2 with 4gb in my 5100max. it's working well too.
  • i updated the original 2gb card in my 2100max with a pny optima 4gb sdhc class4. works great.
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