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Looking For: North America Map Update for Knight Rider GPS [

A couple of months ago, I received notice of the C-series North America map update, however was informed it was not for the Knight Rider GPS - an update was forthcoming.

Recently, I inquired once again to find out one was available for purchase via download only.

Question is, does anyone have this update, know what it's called, or where one could find it on the Net? Is it the same as the C-series map update? I purchased the GPS last summer which unfortunately was too late for their free map upgrade promotion, therefore I'm probably 2 months behind and have noticed some mistakes/omissions in the maps. =(

Thanks in advance.


PS - For what it's worth, the QA on the Mio C-series North America Map Update indicates "the MAP version on this release is 2008.10 by Tele Atlas"
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