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joo11 0 Points
Tim, could you get a review of the Nextar 43LT gps. I can't believe that this gps has not been mention. It has a clear 4.3 screen tts and reality view. It also has lifetime traffic reports. On a trip this past week we took a trip to Kanas City. I took my Nextar and my Tomtom 335 with me for comparison. This Tomtom had a cheap price on it and was suppose to be top of the line. The Tomtom has 7 million poi and the Nextar has 1.8 million poi. What was funny was the Nextar had more of the places that we were going to then the Tomtom. After using both gps for our distinations we put the Tomtom away. The Nextar was so much easier to follow and trust. I am not knocking Tomtom I am just saying that the Nexar performed better for me. This model Nextar 43lt can be upgraded with new maps and if you are worry about poi. then you can purchase 12 million poi for $10.00. Best Buy sells this model. I would like to hear from other Nextar 43lt users to get their opinons.


  • dhn 336 Points
    The Tomtom 335 is not considered 'top of the line' as you referred it as.
  • joo11 0 Points
    Thanks patruns for the Nextar 43lt gps review. I think the guy like the gps but sounds like it was hard to say he really liked a Nextar. If it has everthing the garmin has except bluetooth and a route list, then I think that I got a heck of a bargain buying it at Best Buy on sale for $80.00. I never use a window mount. I just put it on my ashtray and it works perfectly. I also tried the traffic a couple of times but I didn't think I had a real need for it right now. Also, you don't have to stick the traffic receiver cord to the windshield. I just lay next to the gps on the ashtray or lay it on the seat. It works fine.
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