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What I think of my new 6000T

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It has arrived! I will not call this a review, because I won't likely hit all the features of the GPS. Right out of the box I took the 6000T outside and turned it on. I had a good connection within seconds, all four bars. Even inside it only lost one bar. I mounted the unit with the windshield mount and it seems pretty steady. It did droop as I drove around, but this was because I didn't tighten the knobs enough. Easily fixed, and the drooping hasn't come back.

The firmware was 1.16, the most recent, assuming no changes without updating the version number were done.

I'm not a big fan of the traffic antenna, but I guess if it does it's job I can live with it. Signing up for the 3 month free trial was painless.

I'd considered the extended warranty, but it's a bit steap at $129.95. But this does give you two more years.

The bluetooth isn't really intuitive, meaning after fumbling with it for a while I got the instructions and had no more issues getting my Cingular Motorola Razr V3 to connect. The speaker seems loud enough and the mic picked up my voice ok. However I haven't tested this on the road yet. So it was all done inside my house while holding the unit. Probably not a fair test.

I picked up a 256MB SD card and put it in and moved some music and pictures to the device. That was all pretty painless. I won't be a big fan of the .mp3 function or the picture viewer. But it sounded fine and the pics were pretty sharp.

I also created some custom POI's. I didn't really like that you must have the Lat/Long to do it, but since I have Microsoft Streets and Trips, I can easily get that information and create the entries for the GPS. It would be real nice to be able to input an address

The 6000T is pretty fast at recalculating a route after you've missed the turn. Traveling at about 40mph I'd estimate it was about 100', or about 5 seconds and it was done. The alerts for turns were pretty much on the money. By default apparently, you get warnings of your next turn at 2 miles, .5 miles, and at the turn. I was pleased to hear the voice inform me that my destination was on the right or the left in addition to the distance.

I was a little disappointed at the accuracy of the maps. I know of several roads in our area that were changed 3 or 4 years ago, and those changes are still not reflected. But that's a NAVTEQ issue and not a Magellan issue. I'll anticipate the next map update.

But so far, my overall impression is this is a quality device. I have a trip to TN coming up next week and I'll be certain to take it with me. I'll report more as we go. Hope someone finds this useful.



  • Tim 1481 Points
    Thanks for sharing!
  • Agree with a lot of what you have mentioned. Never thought of using Streets and Addresses for entering POI's. There way of entering POI's is cumberson. I will be interested in hearing what you think of the Mic on a Roadtrip. I have submitted a comment to Magellan over a month ago with no response. So that is a disappointment to me. Thanks for the info!!

  • Well, the roadtrip went well. I was able to use the Bluetooth a bit more. The volume at highway speeds is on the low side, but can be dealt with. The mic worked, but was told it was obvious that I was on a speaker phone as my voice was a bit hollow and the ambient noise cluttered things up a bit. A wired mic would be a nice option.

    I actually found the .mp3 player a bit more useful than I'd originally thought. I used a cassette adapter to get the sound from the 6000T to my car speakers. The sound was pretty decent. This also helped on the Bluetooth volume as well. However, the cassette adapter does pick up some electrical noise so it added some crap too. All in all, not really too bad.

    One of my sticking points was the vias. You can have up to 20 with this GPS. I actually discovered that for me, it wasn't really a huge deal. As I got off the interstate several times to get food or gas and just let the GPS recalculate the route and I continued as I needed. Once, I just cancelled my route in order to find the nearest gas station. Once there, I just input my destination again and resumed my drive. Wasn't really a huge deal either. I suspose, I could live without it. At least until I discover it's real usefulness on a long trip.

    One thing I did notice that I liked. When I arrived at my destination, the local roads weren't quite right so the GPS didn't register me as arriving at my destination. I didn't cancel the route, I just powered the unit down. The next day, when I turned it on again, it prompted me whether I wanted to resume my route guidance. I thought it pretty cool that it had kept my route.

    Anyway, my overall opinion is that the 6000T is an excellent GPS.
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