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Aviation scout support (geotag and transmit)

blaufish 0 Points
I'm in contact with a friend who is looking into cost efficient support for aviation scouts; i.e. they watch fires, ferries etc from the sky.

Basically they want software to load photos from camera, geotagg, and transmit to base. GPS will probably either be handheld device (e.g. GPS 60 CSx) or a cheap USB GPS.

I realize there are a billion possible solutions to this, as there are so many geotagging softwares.

However, it is key to reduce complexity of the solution, as it should be possible to run by non-computer expert and has to be operatable in the air (automating and simplifying the process is a must!). There is no or little budget so cost efficiency is key; open source solutions and other free solutions appreciated. They can probably enlist some volunteer software development hours from friends for minor modifications / automaton, but large software projects aren't likely.

Any help is appreciatiated.


  • Tim 1484 Points
    This sounds like a job for a smartphone with camera and data connection. Many smartphone devices with GPS will geotag the photos they take and then you could email those photos to the remote destination.
  • patruns 10 Points
    I agree with Tim. There are many phone apps out there that will do all of this using location based services in pretty much one step. The one caveat will be a data connection that works at 1500 + feet in the air.
  • blaufish 0 Points
    I don't think smartphones have very impressive lenses, antishake etc?
  • patruns 10 Points
    I don't think smartphones have very impressive lenses, antishake etc?
    You need to see more recent ones that are not iPhones........ Some have better lenses than my 2 year old digital camera.
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