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Please help me suggest what gps I should Buy? [Mio]

mitch04 0 Points
Hi Im after a high end gps that locks satilite fast and get maps update each year.
Can You please tell me If the MIO has this and does it have Windows ce on it?
Im after windows ce aswell So I can run a program on it. Could you please tell me how windows ce work can it run exe setup files??

Thanks it would be great for a respond.


  • mitch04 0 Points
    Im having a look at the Mio c520 from this video

    Now that looks exactly what im looking for. Just with installing a setup application is that possible? hows it work. The gps on them are pritty good with satilite finding??
    Also Can the MIO A470 anys of the A's can do this ?

    Thanks very much
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