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Safety cameras vanish after downloading update.

davethetechie 0 Points
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I have just bought a 4350 max which is a vast improvement on my previous GPS unit. I am at a loss at the moment, I bought the unit last weekend took it home updated the maps and purchased updates for the safety cameras. This I also downloaded and everything went fine. Or it was until out driving and found that there were no speed cameras showing up on the unit. At home on closer inspection I found that in fact there were no cameras anywhere. I rang navigon who seemed puzzled asked me to ensure I had activated the "advise safety cameras" properly which I had and to reset the unit which I duly did after a while of downloading again and resetting the unit I was advised to return the unit for a replacement. This I did and then the first thing I did was to check the cameras were there and yes hooray I thought, this time I was a bit more cautious with the updates. First backed up the unit and then downloaded the latest map update, once installed checked to see if the cameras were there and yes they were still there. So backed the unit up again .Now i downloaded/installed the camera updates once finished checked and low and behold no more cameras all gone!! I restored the unit from the backup and got the cameras back. I tried this three times each without success. I noticed that the 2 updated files were now named differently they had _EU in file name where they were not there before. I rang Navigon 3 days ago and even though I was promised a return call have yet to receive one. If any one can help I would be over the moon. I think the unit is great but the lack of support is very frustrating.


  • Larkone 0 Points
    I am having a similar problem with speed cameras on 2110Max that I upgraded to the 4110max. I downloaded the latest safety camera option and half of the speed cameras on the routes I drive have disappeared. Odd things like the A14 from Cambridge to Huntingdon has average speed cameras. It used to report every camera, now it only reports those on the 3 lane section and not those on the two lane section. On the A1 between Peterborough and Doncaster it has lost all of the cameras (about 4) and on the M6 between Winsford and Birmingham it constantly reports cameras that don't exist.

    This is a very poor software release and not worth the money. I have e-mailed Navigon and asked for my money back, though not holding my breath that I will even get a response as I have found their after sales support absolutely useless/un-responsive. Shame because the basic product is one of the best I have used.

    Would be interested to hear if you get a response but anyone thinking of buying the Safety Camera update would be best advised to avoid it.
  • Larkone 0 Points
    Managed to speak to Navigon support and they admitted they have a problem and are working on a fix. They did say they would extend the subscription by a month to cover the loss of service.
  • Agreed the aftersales service is very poor and would not advise anyone to purchase the camera updates at the moment until this problem is corrected (hopefully in the next update). its a shame as the unit itself is the best I have ever had, the TMC on it is in my opinion much better than on my old TOMTOM. At lease they have admitted to you that there is a problem mybe I will ring again and see if they will extend my subscription.
  • Larkone 0 Points
    Still no joy on this though I now think there are two problems. One is that for some the safety camera software just doesn't work and they know about this and are working on a fix.

    The second and my problem is that the latest version works but it is missing loads (and I mean Loads) of cameras that were in the previous version and are still in place. The part of the A14 I drive is missing over 11 cameras! that have been there fore some years.

    All Navigon keep doing is sending me stock answers like restore the previous version (can't do that because I have bought their '2110max upgrade to 4310' and that would take me back to the previous model) or to send my unit back for repair - it isn't broken, their software is!!!

    Navigons support is totally rubbish - new buyers be warned
  • Larkone 0 Points
    Had yet another update and problem of missing cameras is still not fixed. Contacted their helpdesk and they responded with an increase in my length of subscription at no charge, so I responded back with a thank you but extending my sub for nothing just extends the time I get to use a broken product so not very useful. Zero response after multiple mails to their support.

    Spoke to their support today and after asking for their MD's email address they have now given me a case number and promised I will get a response.

    Something is still very wrong with the speed camera database as so many cameras that have existed for years are missing but there are lots of motorway cameras that no longer exist because they were temporary in the database.
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