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Update issues with 2100, haven't updated since fall 2008

zug 80 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I dusted off my 2100 and plugged it in for the first time since fall of 2008. I saw there was a software update (6.5.3), I did that today with no issues. Then I noticed there is a Q1-2010 US Map update available. So far I'm not able to download due to me never buying a FreshMaps subscription.

Can I update or not? Can you guys break it down for me and let me know what my options are? I've done as much research as I can at this point and I seem to be running in circles. I've been following the NAVIGON USA saga since last summer, when I looked to see if there were any updates. I gave up at that point and started using another brand. Now I see there may have been a map update last fall, and then this newest one. I'd really like to get it.

My device has been registered since 2008. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I wish I would have found this forum a long time ago. :D


  • zug 80 Points
    Is going to a 3rd party and buying a FreshMaps 3yr update a viable option ?
  • zug 80 Points
    ok, snagged copy of FreshMaps last night. Vendor emailed activation key and serial # so I can activate now and not have to worry about waiting for package to get here. When I try to activate from Navigon Fresh, I get an error message saying site is down for maintenance or excessive traffic. :?

    Managed to get on a while later, got update, downloaded and installed. Now I'm a happy camper. Too bad POI's haven't been updated in my area, but, as long as maps are current that is good enough for me!
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