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series 8 strange directions

riderS 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Hi, new user here, just bought a Navigon 8410. So far unimpressed with the directions since on a run from Germany to the UK I was constantly invited to leave the motorway in odd places. Once I followed the instructions and was taken off, round a roundabout and straight back on!
A couple of times I stopped to change/adjust the profiles to make sure I had everything right but - no effect...
Anyone else had this weird direction glitch?


  • bigperk 0 Points
    I've had this too, and not just on Navigon. Seems to be where the slip road 'route' is actually significantly shorter than the main section, or the two run extremely close to each other so the GPS 'jumps' to the other road. Not sure if the problem's really been cracked yet - presumably a routing 'filter' of some sort is needed to ignore diverting on very short stretches.
  • riderS 0 Points
    thanks, in fact that particular problem is only minor compared to the bizarre routing it does! I also have an Igo and that doesn't do this...
  • bigperk 0 Points
    My unit is a bit older and with the latest maps I still don't have any problem with really bad routing. I have a strong feeling that this might have something to do with Navigon's software development for the iphone. I'm waiting nervously now to be invited to update my software! :shock:

    But it could also be just a bad batch of units - someone recently had a motherboard replaced by Navigon because of problems (that I can't remember!).
  • riderS 0 Points
    you could be right BP, mine of course is not on the iphone but I suppose the same development covers everything...
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