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regarding traffic alerts on Motorola Motonav TN765T

moondog151 41 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Can anyone tell me if the traffic alert will work in either "route" mode, or will it work without having a destination entered, while traveling on a route that may have an oncoming detour posted on it? Thanks in advance, for any help. I`ve only had this unit for a couple of days, and I live in a rural area........


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    According to the manual it will show traffic incidents when you are not routing, but you have to open the side panel to the Traffic Info window. If you are in a rural area you will probably not be in a coverage area. At this point I don't know which company Moto is using for TMC traffic. There are usually coverage maps available to check service in your area.

    There is a Traffic manual available if you want to take a look at that info: MotoNav Traffic Manual

    So - who knows which TMC service Moto is using?
  • moondog151 41 Points
    Thanks a million for your answer to my question, and I appreciate you letting me know about the link to the Motonav traffic user`s manual, I`m sure other new owners of this unit will appreciate it as much as I do......
    In the few test runs I have made with the TN765t this unit seems to run circles around my other units......two Magellan, one Garmin, and one Tom Tom gps`s.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Update on MotoNav traffic vendor:

    It is provided by Navteq Traffic -
    NAVTEQ Traffic-RDS collects, processes, and distributes real-time traffic conditions from a spectrum of traffic information sources across 94 Markets in North America.

    Coverage locations can be found here: or the US map locations here:

    Unfortunately there is no coverage in my immediate home area. Bummer. Guess I need to get out of town to see it in operation.
  • moondog151 41 Points
    Thank you VERY much on the help understanding the live traffic function on the TN765t....I really appreciate it!
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