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Saving a current location

moondog151 41 Points
Would anyone happen to know, how to save the current location (while NOT in the route mode) on the TN765t? I live in close proximity to Lake Ontario, and sometimes, I find a side road that has a nice camp area, that is not listed by an address. I was curious on how to save that particular location, to be able to return back to it, at a later time. When in the "route" mode, I CAN "save it my favorites, via the dashboard side panel, however, when NOT in the route mode, that option is not highlighted to be able to "save" it......


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    It is pretty easy once you know how. How to Save a Location as a Favorite

    1. Pick the spot on the map you want to save and press gently on the spot with your finger or a stylus for about 2 seconds. A small red triangle with a pulsating red circle will appear. If you don't let go too soon you will see a pair of icons appear on screen - an "I" and a checkered flag.

    2. Tap the "I(nformation) icon and it will present you with a GO to Destination screen - and you can do that if you desire, but......

    3. tap the Down arrow in the bottom right-hand corner and scroll down. There you will find a Make Favorite button so you can save that location as a Favorite. You can edit favorites later and organize your POIs into folders if desired. The Share button you will see under Make Favorite allows you to send a SMS message and it will give the recipient that location address (not sure what happens if there is no address though) It seems the 765 does always attempt to equate a location to the nearest known address even though that may be somewhat inaccurate.

    Note: If you tap on the Checkered Flag icon it will automatically calculate a route to that location based on your default navigation criteria - Quickest, Shortest, Mostly Highways.
  • moondog151 41 Points
    Gosh Spyder 63, thanks SO much for that info.....I`ve been going thru the user`s manual frontwards and backwards, looking for that answer. I will DEFINATELY try your recommondation tomorrow, when I head back out on the road......
  • moondog151 41 Points
    Spyder63.....this morning I tried your tip on how to save a location when not in the "route" mode, and, per your instructions, it worked just fine!! This trial was the breaking point for me, on whether to use the TN765t as my primary gps, and now I`m convinced, that THIS unit will stay as my primary one. Altho a traffic incident was not on my planned route, as I crossed an overpass over the thruway, I had seen from the side panel, that there WAS current construction being done right below the overpass, had shown up and it was appropriately listed, which is GREAT! I can now safely retire my Magellan 4700, and 42450, and the Tom Tom 730 XL.
    Thanks again for your help.....I definately appreciate it!! I`m DEFINATELY a Motorola fan now!!
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