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What's with my 2200t device? I'm getting worried now.

ImAlwaysLost 0 Points
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For the past four or five months my 2200t– the coolest thing I own– has been acting up and I'm worried because I can't get help since Navigon went AWOL.

It all started in November, when someone broke into my car and instead of stealing my device, decided to steal my charger. For about two months after that, I went without a GPS– a very dark period in my life. But I got a hold of an old car phone charger and plugged it in to my device and it worked. I felt like someone had given me life again.

Until it started behaving oddly. Crazy (and heartbreaking) behavior that has left me wondering if my baby is breathing its last gasps of air:

1. I turn it on, but as I type an address (or search for a POI), it randomly shuts down. I have to hold the power button down for a few seconds to restart it.

2. Last week, the 'Last Destinations' section just stopped working. As in, whenever I would click on it, it would freeze my device. So I would have to restart it. This is sporadic; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

3. Everything is awesome when I click 'New Destination'–––> 'Search for POI' until I want to click 'Nearby.' It takes a while for the 'Nearby' option to activate. Perhaps this has something to do with the actual GPS signal?

So, fellow Navigon enthusiasts, I ask you for some advice... or at least some assistance.

I've just connected my device to my Mac. To be honest with you, it's the first time I connect my device to a computer. I've never had the need to. But when I connected it, nothing happened. I'm going to try a PC now. But why is my 2200t acting up on me? Is it because I'm not using the correct charger? Is it because I've never updated it? What can be done to get my boo back to its original, healthy self?

Also, would someone be able to educate me on the current availability of FreshMaps? Can I get a most recent version through eBay, Amazon, or something like that?

Thank you in advance for the help. I appreciate it. Danke. Take care :)



  • Hello,

    By any chance, would anyone also know if it's worth it to download the Navigon FreshMaps Q1 2010 available through Navigon Fresh? It's $80.00 through Navigon, but I wanted to get a second opinion on the effectiveness, reliability, etc.

    Thank you again for the help. I appreciate it.

  • bigperk 0 Points
    It is quite possible that an incompatible charger might have damaged your unit - can you check if the supply voltage, etc is the same as the unit expects? Or, it may be that the charge level is not sufficient and the battery is pretty flat (though I would have just expected you to get a warning and then a shutdown) If you have got a wall charger - does the unit charge up ok on that?

    Was connecting to the PC ok (it won't work on a Mac)?

    If it doesn't look permanently damaged you might want to try buying a new (compatible!) charger from Navigon via their International website (assuming they will still supply their abandoned customers in the US!). Failing that cross your fingers and try ebay.

    Their maps seem pretty good btw, but does the $80 buy just one update? If so, you want to try and get a 2-year deal from them (quarterly updates, usually reasonably on time). That's assuming you get the 2200 working properly again of course!

    Good luck.
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