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Tour manager seeking all round solution

Hodge 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
I work all over Europe for 6 months of the year; a tour manager for 11 years.

Having learnt most of my routes the hardway I am now happier to put my feet up and let a machine occasionally do some of the work for me.

Any unit I choose .. has to:

a) be comfortably portable (fit in a trouser or jacket pocket)
b) have multiple destination/via functionality
c) run on battery (3-4 hours min)
d) preloaded with full European roads coverage.

Things that are also preferable:

a) It would help if it had a truck/lorry/large vehicle setting
b) I prefer navtech maps to telesat maps.

The Nuvi 660 would be perfect but utterly fails on this last point - no good to a tour manager AT ALL.

Has anyone got a good ideas or know something about NUVI doing something about mutiple destinations that I don't know about?

Many thanks to anyone who helps me out on this one,



  • Tim 1482 Points
    a) The most portable systems are those in the Garmin Nuvi series and The TomTom ONE. A couple of the newer Magellan devices are also small, but not as small as the Garmin Nuvis or the TomTom ONE.

    b) The TomTom devices and most the Magellan devices offer multiple destination routing, but not the Nuvi. The Nuvi only offers one "via" point. However you could get around this by setting other "via" points ahead of time as favorites then navigating to them in order... after reaching one just set the next one as the destination.

    c) The Nuvis have fairly good battery life, the TomTom ONE has a battery which will only last a couple of hours.
  • Hodge 0 Points
    Dear Tim

    Thank you for your post. I had come to some of the same conclusions.

    Q1 2007 sees the launch of the 2250 and 2200T Magellan unit for Europe. These two machines - as your reference to Magellan eludes - carry everything I want, although I worry about the reported 'sluggishness' of the system.

    And then there is another entry that has piqued interest. The Nokia 330. I am yet to find any comment on the internet about it but what I like about it is that I have used Route 66 for mac for the last 2 years and found it superb. Nokia 330 is a bundled app with route 66 software, navteq mapping and (i can never remember) the gps tech hardware that you find in the Nuvi (I think).

    3 Questions remain for this model that some of you here might have the answer for:

    a) Does it have multiple destination programming
    b) Does it have a battery (I can't find anything about it)
    c) Is it sluggish?

    Unfortunately, Nuvi and Tom Tom one have become no gos for me.

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