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Software Glitch for Canadians

Recently I bought a Garmin 255W and updated the maps from the Garmin website to version 2011.10. After the update I noticed that the auto-complete feature always provided duplicate options for each and every Canadian city which was manually keyed into the device.

For example, if I selected "Where to?" >>> "Address" >>> "Spell City" and then began typing the city name "T-O-R-O-N..." the device would auto-complete the city name TORONTO, ON. However, this city name would be provided as two identical (duplicate) options. The same problem happened with any Canadian city which was typed into the device.

Although this is definitely not a big inconvenience, a few minutes ago I phoned Garmin technical support to report the issue. To my surprise they were completely unaware of this glitch. That having been said, they were able to replicate the problem on several GPS devices in their office, while I waited on the phone.

It should be noted that during the map update installation process, my 255W first needed to update the software version to 6.40 before installing the maps. So, the problem could either be a software glitch or a map glitch (probably the former).

To get to the point...

Garmin will be issuing a fix for this problem in the near future. If you are experiencing this same problem when searching for a Canadian city on your unit, be assured that there is nothing wrong with your GPS device itself (hardware). It's a software glitch which will soon be corrected by Garmin.
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