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Looking for the 810 NK Image file to load on the SD card

DougWHolt 0 Points
My GPS-810NA will turn on but it wont go past the logo screen. Ive tried getting it into the service screen by holding the power button for 20 sec's but it wont load. I can however by playing around I found a back door service menu screen by pressing and holding the volume slider while pressing the power button. But it says it's looking for the NK Image file on the SD card. If I had it I may be able to revive my GPS. Other wise it a brick.


  • DougWHolt 0 Points
    Well, I was able to make a backup of all the files from a friends 810. Ive backed up everything off his GPS810 and saved it to my computer. I then made bin image files out of the files and put them on a sd card. but I get Eboot Image False message. Im guessing it's looking for a specific file name and I dont know what to name the bin file so it recognizes it. I was thinking it might be cap sensitive and tried EBOOT.bin then Eboot.bin without any luck. Any ideas anyone? On my bricked 810 when I hold in the volume slider when booting up it also gives me the option to update the OS Image, Update the Logo page, Update the Nand Loader Program or Format the Nand Flash. And when I chose any of these options its looking for it on the sd card. Im kinda at a loss but it seems that it might be a solution.

  • varyanon 0 Points
    I have the same problem. I format NAND of my device and then it go only on back door service menu screen. I think that is not bricked but the memory is empty and without a restore SD card we can't do nothing... Only Harman Kardon assistance have this one... I try to write an e-mail to Kenpo Electronics (the software is made from it) but I've no answer...
  • DougWHolt 0 Points
    Send me an SD card and I'll load it with the files you need. Reply to for my home address.
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