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re: Motorola Motonav TN765t getting hot

moondog151 41 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
I`ve read a couple posts regarding the TN765t getting hot, while in use, for some people. Has anyone found out why this is? My unit, when measured with an IR temp unit, seems to run around 100-105 degrees, which is only slightly warm to the touch. I measured this temp the last couple of days (which has been cloudy, here in central ny) and also checked the dash temperature, which runs about 72-76 degrees (using climate control in my vehicle) while traveling about for an hour and a half, twice a day taking the wife to and from her work. I`m not complaining about it getting hot, but just wanted to share what seems to be a normal operating for my particular unit.
Now, has anyone found out why some units are running extremely hot to the touch? I`m just asking for future reference, in case mine starts to do it too....(getting hot while using it).....thanks.....


  • I did not see this post when I posted my question a few minutes ago....sorry.
    I am tempted to return the device while I still can as the degree to which this thing gets hot cannot be good for the inner works. It's also uncomfortable to hold; I prefer not to stick the holder to our car window or dash.
    Might get the Garmin Nuvi after all! :(
  • I do understand your concern.....this "hot to the touch" item, has been happening to most users, in other models of the Motorola series PND`s, also, so its not just prevelant to the tn765t ones. I have two of these, and just ealier tonight, I fired up my 2nd unit, (which I haven`t used in over a week), and it too, got quite warm to the touch. I`m guessing it may of been around 110 degrees, as at anything over 120 degrees F, that would feel quite hot so one couldn`t hold onto it for more than a minute or two.
    Since no one has yet complained of a complete failure of thier Moto units, due to the heat problem, I`ll still be running mine, however, thats an individual decision. I definately do share your, and others, concern about this matter.........
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