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Nuvi 255W keeps on turning on and off itself

I forgot to disconnect the 255W before restarting the computer, so the 255W got a biggg problem: every time when it start up to "loading map", it turns off automaticly, then it turn on itself again, and off, and on... If I turn it on without connecting to power or computer, it run up to "loading map" then turn off.

I have tried several methods to solve this, including hard-reset (i.e. remove battery, turn on with push on screen lower right corner etc), but unfortunately none of them works.

Any advise is appreciated.


  • goofer311 0 Points
    Hi, I'm having a nuvi500 with the same problem. Unfortunately I'm currently on a cross country tour and have to rely on the unit.
    The way I fixed the problem was do perform a complete reset, by holding the on/off switch and pushing the bottom right corner on the nuvi screen.
    The unit is asking if you want to erase all your data and I confirmed.
    I had to do it twice but eventually it worked and since that the unit seems to work.
    It started to happen when I wanted to recalculate and then the unit turned itself off, and tried to turn on again. As soon as the maps would try to load the unit turned itself off again and then tried to start and so on.

    Give it a try. Good luck
    Any suggestion for a better navigation unit for a motorcycle would be appreciated since Garmin isn't very helpful .

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