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Navigon 8100t not being detected by Navigon Fresh

HARRISH 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
It keeps saying device not detected! Any clue? Thanks!


  • bigperk 0 Points
    Try a differnet USB port. If no good try a different cable.
  • Larkone 0 Points
    Buy a better Sat Nav. I sick and tired of my Navigon because it never works properly and their software quality has become so bad it is now useless
  • bigperk 0 Points
    Since I replied above, I've seen a lot of similar complaints which are apparently due to bugs in the latest Fresh (did you update your version just before this error appeared?). Navigon is 'working hard' on a new version of Fresh which they 'hope' to get out within a week or so.
  • Larkone 0 Points
    The problems occurred when I updated the speed camera software and loads of cameras just disappeared. Navigon support was useless in sorting this and still ahsn't and will not refund my money for a piece of software that is not fit for purpose. there is a new version of Fresh apparently but this doesn't install so now cannot use Fresh because you cannot get past the update screen.

    Their whole software release quality control is very poor. I am sick and tired of owning a product that Navigon keep breaking with each new software release. Mine is going on e-bay and am ordering a TomTom - enough is enough
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