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I need help with Navigon Fresh map downloads

77f150 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I just purchased a Freshmap activation card. It has been registered and activated, I have downloaded the Navigon Fresh program. However when I try to download maps, nothing happens. When I get to the Navigon Fresh Screen, click on download maps and services, it displays downloading maps and services, shows my content/personal pages, but no maps are visible, the page is blank. I click on the map page which says the following maps and services are available for downloading and it is blank. This card was purchased out of Canada. Can anyone help


  • takawira 0 Points
    First off, make sure you are using the USA version of Navigon Fresh. Then make sure that you are registered on Navigon with your device. When you start up Navigon Fresh, it asks to connect you to the device (plus to your account). If all is well, then you can simply let the Map Update happen. I don't think you can download maps and see them coming. Whenever I download new maps, I realize that the whole SD card is updated, including the TMC, version.xml, updates.xml, etc files. So just backup your original SD card and let Navigon Fresh do its business.
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