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Done anything with your iPad yet?

wetstuff 0 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
I got the MotionX app ( .. but am confused?! I simply do not understand things like 'tiles' .. they say you should find a WiFi to dnld maps because of the file sizes, but I was inside at Barnes & Noble and it seemed that you need to have a GPS signal before it would dnld..

I'm reluctant to spend real money on TomTom because I suspect there will be a lot of competition soon and TomTom is taking advantage of being 'first to market'.


  • gatorguy 326 Points
    FYI. TomTom doesn't (yet) work on the iPad.
  • wetstuff 0 Points
    GG: Sorry, you are correct. I guess it must have been a news posting that mentioned them... The only turn-by-turn (as it is described) currently available is CoPilot Live HD by ALK Tech. They get a pretty good thrashing in the reviews in the iTunes store.

    I'm of a real mixed mind about hanging reviews just under the BUY button. I've passed on a couple of things because of it and bought others that I did not feel were worth the effort put into coding them. Cheers.

  • gatorguy 326 Points
    Our world-renowned forum captain, Tim, has done a nice write-up on how well a few of the existing iPhone nav apps do on the iPad. Read all about his iPad Navigation Preview in the review section.
  • wetstuff 0 Points
    ... thanks for that. Not having an iPhone, I didn't realize that most apps simply port over to the Pad. The image detail in the Pad is pretty special so I can see why you would not want to have some pixelated facsimile. I'll wait for something as special. Cheers.

  • neomax 0 Points
    Havn't got mine yet here in China
  • Peteostro 0 Points
    I used my iPad +3G while hiking using gaia GPS. I have a book like case for it. I launched the program, then closed the case and put it in my backpack (with water pack) I was surprised when I got to the top and pulled it out. It tracked me all the way up, even under trees. The GPS in the iPad is way better than the iPhone. The battery was around 40% when I got down to the bottom of a 5 hour trip.

    1 flaw it does have is the screen is hard to read in sunlight. there is glare and you have to move it around to get a good view. But maps look awesome on it. You can see so much more. I will definitely be taking it out again.
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