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Garmin Friction Mount for Motonav 765T

Chotus 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Did I read somewhere on here that you can use the Garmin Friction Mount with the Motonav TN765T?

Anyone have experience with this? I've read my reviews of the Garmin Friction mount that say it's really fantastic


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Yes, you can. I use my Moto with both types of Garmin friction mounts. The bean bag is more stable - less vibration of the gps. The ball part of the mounts are the same size as the Motonav.

    image image
  • Chotus 0 Points
    thanks man.........My Motonav is arriving tomorrow and I wanted to avoid the window mount right off

    Appreciate the info
  • Chotus 0 Points
    So which one of them are people claiming has cancer causing agents. One or both?

    just curious.....
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Never heard the claim that a Garmin mount caused cancer. At one time or another so does almost everything in this world, so I'm sure there is no cause for alarm. You're more likely to get cancer from being out in the sun all your life. But the one referred to is most likely the bean bag (pictured on the left). I have never opened one up but after many years of use I am still alive and in good health! :lol: Got scanned once going through airport security with one and I told the TSA guy I really had no idea what was inside, but I told him it was probably beans and all was good.

    The 2nd mount is a flexible rubber with a sticky bottom pad. A bit smaller than the bean bag mount.
  • Chotus 0 Points
    You are probably right. I noticed Garmin had writtne that warning on most of their accessories. I guess better safe than sorry in case someone allow their kids to chew on it or the packaging.

    Several people had said the beanbag uses lead pellets and that was the reason for the friction mount warning. Surely if that was the case Garmin would list that.

    but yeah, I think you are right.......they have sold literally tons of those and haven't heard one thing about illnesses caused by it.
  • Chotus 0 Points
    My Motonav is out for delivery today. Should have it anytime now. Any advice/tips that make getting started better?

    My first GPS :-)
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Well......welcome to the wild, wonderful, wacky world of gps.

    Just turn it on. It should have a decent enough charge in the battery. If not plug the power cord into a 12v socket - most likely in the car/truck unless you have a 110v converter for use inside the house. Be sure to have a clear view of the sky for several minutes. Near a window or outside. It should lock on to the satellites pretty quickly, but may take a couple minutes depending on your environment.

    Read through the quick start manual and then go through the regular manual. Online versions are available. Links are found earlier in this thread. There is a lot to learn. Just remember it is a limited "guide" not a final solution to all your traveling needs. And let your good common sense prevail when using it. They have yet to make the perfect gps! :lol:
  • Chotus 0 Points
    Well I have been playing with it the last few days and it has been fun. One question though is charging/power.

    If it sits out of the cradle and off does it still draw power and become discharged pretty quickly?
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    If you hold the On/Off slide switch to the left for 1-2 seconds the gps will go into a low power consumption or sleep mode. The battery will last in this state for several days. I have not tested the actual length of time it will hold as I normally keep mine plugged in even when it is in the house. One advantage of sleep mode is that it will restart almost instantly and reacquire the satellites very quickly.

    If you want to completely shut down the gps you need to hold the On/Off switch for about 7-10 seconds. This would be the mode to use if you do not plan to use the gps for at least a week. Startup and satellite acquisition will be somewhat longer when doing this as WindowsCE, the maps and POI database need to reload and satellite data must be reloaded as well.

    Have you checked your firmware version and maps version? Current maps are 2009.Q4 and firmware isv8.5.4.136569. Did you download MotoToolbox which is needed to get updates? After you register Toolbox will indicate if you need updated.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    <snipped> wrong thread
  • Chotus 0 Points
    Thanks man......I updated the maps and the system software. So, far so good.

    so unless you do the non sleep mode shutdown the battery power doesn't last long eh?

    I assume that is how they sent it to me as it had power when I got it.
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