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An Application Like Mapsource for TomToms?

Miller 0 Points
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I just came from Garmin land. Until recently I was very happy with them, but my latest one seems to do extremely poorly with its routing. Out of desperation I purchased a TomTom and I am generally pleased with it. There are some features that I miss from my Nuvi, but it seems to do what it was designed to do (get me from point A to point B) very well.

One thing I really do miss is Garmin's Mapsource. Sometimes I like to plan scenic routes ahead of time and load them into my Garmin so I can follow a particular route on a trip. Does TomTom have anything similar?



  • dhn 336 Points
    Most TomTom models have what is referred to as Itineraries where you can plot the route out in advance.

    As well, you can work with Google maps and a 3rd party application called TYRE. A link to a site explaining how it works is here:
  • Miller 0 Points

    Thanks again for the reply. I will have to play with TYRE. I appreciate the help you have given as I have transitioned from one brand to another.
  • wolf! 0 Points
    I have a tomtom rider, for motorcycles. it is a device designed for motorcycles, which are often used for pleasure use, and are absolutely NOT looking for the fastest interstate route, But the scenic route. I have been searching in vain for 2 years tor a easy to use program, like google's drag to change route for tomtom. This should not be very difficult for tomtom home to be reconfigured to do and download.
    \Tyre will work, isn't very practical, and tomtom will recalculate part of your routes anyway, unless you waypoint every mile or so.
    TomTom got all the iceing on the cake for the rider, but the cake is made of tufu.
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