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Nuvi 1450 Saving Active Route

How do I save an active route? It was created using a location found using the browse map funtion.


  • alanb 419 Points
    I don't think there is a way to save the active route as a custom route; at least I have not found a way to do it. I assume it is because you need an explicit start point on a custom route. When editing a custom route, the menu has "Add a new start point", but on the active route, this choice is not there. Also, as you navigate past waypoints on the active route, if you go to (Menu - Where To - Routes - Current Route - Add or Remove Points) you will see that the points you have already passed are greyed out. They can't be changed and new points can't be inserted between them.
  • Boyd 1953 Points
    But it sounds like the OP doesn't have a custom route, just a destination. In that case, it would be easy to route to the same location again using Where To > Recently Found. You could also save the destination as a favorite.

    Finally, I think if you connect the GPS to your computer and run Mapsource, then receive routes from the GPS, the active route will be one of the items received. This is even the case with Nuvi's that don't support custom routes.
  • alanb 419 Points
    I assumed the OP was referring to a multipoint active route where he put in a destination with some intermediate waypoints, began navigating the route, then decided he wanted to save it as a custom route. If that is the case, I can't find any way to save it. If on the other hand he just put in a simple destination, then I would agree with Boyd.

    Boyd, your post about transferring an active route to Mapsource piqued my interest. I have only moved saved custom routes from the nuvi to Mapsource. To test this, I entered a destination (on my 755T), clicked GO, let the route calculate. Then I entered some waypoints to alter the route and let it recalculate. I shut the nuvi off with the route still active, plugged it in to the laptop and started Mapsource. I then tried to do a transfer of routes from the nuvi, but Mapsource said "The selected device has no routes". I then disconnected the nuvi and restarted it in navigation mode. The route in progress was still active, but apparently Mapsource couldn't see it.

    Is this what you meant in your post or did I miss something?
  • Boyd 1953 Points
    Sorry, then I may have things confused. Try copying Current.gpx to your computer, then open that with Mapsource. Do you see an active route now?
  • alanb 419 Points
    Nope, can't find it in current.gpx either ... and I did disconnect again to make sure the route is still active. It did pick up a few points of the active route as a track log (due to position drift I assume), but it can't find the route ... interesting.

    Incidentally, my Mapsource version is version 6.15.11.
  • Boyd 1953 Points
    I will have to check this out later when I have my GPS'es handy; I remember that it was discussed before. But I think it was in relation to the 1350, so maybe it's something specific to the newer models?
  • Boyd 1953 Points
    Sorry for the delay in responding... my home internet connection is down.

    Using my 1350, I chose a location and started a route to it. I then connected the Nuvi to my computer and copied Current.gpx (you will find this file inside the \GPX folder). I then opened the file in mapsource, and in addition to my favorites and tracks, the active route appeared on the routes tab. It looked something like this:

    123 Main St
    456 State St

    I could have then edited the route in mapsource, adding waypoints if desired. Of course, the 1350 can't import custom routes so it wouldn't make a lot of sense. But the OP could import a route like this on his 1450.

    Evidently this is a feature of the newer models if it didn't work on your 755.
  • alanb 419 Points
    Thanks for checking it out Boyd. I just tried it with my 855 and it also transfers the current route to Mapsource just like your 1350. But no go with the 755T. So, getting back to the OP's question, on some models you could save the active route by transferring it to Mapsource and back again. That said, I still can't figure out a way to save the active route as a custom route directly on the nuvi.
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