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Motonav Map/Firmware Updates

Spyder63 331 Points
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There appears to be a Motonav "fix for navigation content" for US Map Release 2009 Q4 available via the Toolbox application. (As of 5/27/2010) It seems to be map/POI updates for the US and Canada. Total file size is 723 MB. Total installation takes about 10-12 minutes and it proceeds in two phases so be sure to wait it out after the initial download finishes.

I did not see this update notice when I initially logged into my Motonav account - it was not there. You may need to hang around for a few minutes in your account for it to appear in your update listing. Use the Install Wizard.

Your initial clue will look like this:

This is a partial list of the files:image

This is the initial download - 2nd part looks about the same: image


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Note: Even thought the "initial clue" indicates that you have purchased an update there was no purchase. The update is FREE.
  • patruns 10 Points
    Yep, Naviextras updates are anything but intuitive. On my HP, I had to jump through customer support circles only to find out that the "reload POI file" is actually an update and not just a reload. I think there is a language barrier issue here.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    It appears that there is one more minor map update file available from Moto. Once again I was hanging out in the Toolbox and this update did not appear for several minutes after I had logged in. If this fix affects more than 2 people in the entire world I would be surprised. :lol: There's only one road into Alaska, right? (and I have driven the whole thing back in 1960!)


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    The updates currently showing in my Toolbox is a BT/OS update 12 MB in size. Also showing is a Navigation Software update v8.5.4.139160 (21MB) and this is a higher number than is currently in my 765t, which is v8.5.4.136569.

    I thought I had updated to the higher version, but it is not showing in my Moto. I will try again.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    edited June 2010
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    It appears that the Safety camera database - United States is now available for download for the cost of USD 39.99

    Subscribe to safety camera updates for United States for 1 year and download regularly the latest and most comprehensive fixed safety camera database.
  • Chotus 0 Points
    I have never seen this. Since I got mine later could have been included in my free map update?
  • Chotus 0 Points
    after the update mine says it's version v8.5.5.139160 instead of v8.5.4.13960

    did I do something incorrectly?
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    No, apparently you are OK. That has been reported by at least two or three forum members that have downloaded the update.
  • For those of you who haven't been following the chatter on the Moto site, the "fix" for the Blue Tooth issue that arose from the "60" update is out. You must install the "60" update, disconnect the device from your PC, and then re-connect to MotoExtras. You will then see the "fix" for the Blue Tooth sound issue.

    After installation, you must disconnect again and let the unit cycle through a boot sequence. It will then install the update and everything will work just fine! :wink:
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Most know about my problem with losing the Settings button after doing the latest firmware update (the 21MB file). It has now been reported by another TN765t user that the problem has occurred for him. Seems it is a button position problem that occurs after the Main Menu buttons are manually rearranged/customized and not a Settings button problem alone as he lost a different button/icon. If other factors are involved we haven't figured that out yet. The problem is being explored by Motonav. I will attempt to rearrange my Main Menu buttons and put the Settings button is a "safer" position and update one more time. It involves the buttons that go into the first location in row #1 and row #2. I am going to put the Help and Trusted Contact buttons in the suspect positions. If I lose one of those it is no great loss. Other than this problem the Moto is working A-OK.

    Stay at Eleven.
  • TxBs 0 Points
    I just uploaded all available fixes

    I am now on what should be the most current of evertthing:

    O.S. V5.11.00
    NBoot Version V5.02.00
    EBoot Version V5.03.00
    Basic Worldmap 2009.02
    State Maps [100426]
    3D Landmarks [090731]
    Places [100205]
    Speedcams [090910] (not subscribed)

    I'll let you know what's changed
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    My experiences with the latest Nav software update regarding the "lost" or misplaced menu buttons is that the problem positions are 6, 11, and ultimately 15, which goes blank with 15 menu buttons available. IMHO. Otherwise the bad positions are #5, #9, and #12 with a 12 button menu.

    As long as you do not put your Settings button is positions 6 or 9 (as appropriate to your menu) you will be able to rearrange the menu buttons and "lose" whichever one you can live without. I ended up losing/hiding the Offers Inbox button.

    My current file versions are exactly the same as reported by TxBs above.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Thought this would be the thread to post this info from the Nav N Go / NaviExtras web site. I decided to register as a user of a different supported navigation system and I picked Hyundai. That takes me to pages where I am able to buy direct from them. If you register as a Moto user you will always be re-directed back to the Motorola site and you don't learn what is really available and/or new.

    Seems Nav N Go does offer a annual map update subscription for $79.95. Moto does not. Pretty standard 4 quarterly updates to one gps unit. Moto wants that much for one single update. :twisted:

    Map of United States, Canada and Mexico + USD $59.95 (2009 Q4)
    I am seeing that 2010 Q1 is just becoming available for Europe.

    3D pack of the USA + USD $4.95 (that is a correct number) 2009 Q3 and Moto does not even offer it yet.

    3D elevation model - United States, Canada and Mexico + FREE (with another product purchase)

    Premium points of interest (POI) for North America + USD $9.95

    Safety camera database - United States + USD $14.95 (Moto 39.95)

    Most of the above is "on sale" at the moment, but regular prices are not all that bad anyway.

    So, there you have it FWIW. :twisted:

    No idea if one was to purchase via NaviExtras under the guise of a different system if the files would work with the Moto. Who wants to try it? :roll:

    Nav N Go states the following: Nav N Go’s fresh 2009 Q3 maps now also available with 1-year update subscription for over 80 PNA brands worldwide - of which MotoNav is listed. (I think their web page needs updating though, as 2009 Q4 has been out for some time)
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