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is there anyone working over there

navigon2100 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
My 5100 max has got a crack in it i dont know how left in my car here in fl. notice two days later that screen was crack no drop or nothing thinking may it was the heat . I want to call navigon and get it repaired not sure if any body still working on that side any more(repair side ) . My unit is still under warranty do I have a chance of getting it fix or am i at a lost


  • bigperk 0 Points
    Go onto Navigon's FaceBook page and ask them there. If you ARE going to get any help, that's probably where you'll get it (even if they just ask you to email their support team! At least you'll be able to say you've been on their FB page - I got a double-quick answer when I went that way after weeks of no help).
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