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Nextar Q4-01 is making roads dissapear!

ccrider 0 Points
Had this nextar Q4-01 for a couple years & hasn't been too bad except for about a one month period when it couldnt recieve any sattalite signal, explanation from nextar site was a new sattelite was launced and there was something wrong with it. Nextar has offered a upgraded map SD card for this unit however the original cost of the unit on sale was $99 and they want $79 for the new maps on SD.
Now as to the current problem, I was going to bloomington indiana and wanted to enter the address, It let me choose "address" and type in the town, however when I get it set to bloomington In & click to enter address instead of the keyborad allowing me to type in the address I need it just shows 4 street names to choose from and no keyboard to type a new address into! Entering Brazil In it worked properly but trying bloomington again repeatedly it still only gave me 4 street coices. I used the "reset" on the unit several times but it made no difference, anyone ever experienced this?
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