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navigon 5100 traffic..

don2775 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
My 5100max just yesterday quit picking up traffic. :( ..I still have my 5100 and it still gets traffic. Is there something wrong with my MAX. I like the 5100 MAX I hope you can answer my I need to get another MAX ir is this just something it will work through..or is there some fix that any f you have that will solve this problem.
I would appreciate any help that you have ... :D


  • don2775 0 Points
    I found out by watching some of those video tutorials...that the traffic antenna is built into the car power cord. I was using the USB cord in the car to charge it instead of the car cord.. :roll: . I put the car cord on, and just like that. :D ..I got traffic reports, so now..all fixed!!!
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