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Programming Canadian Addresses in my Motonav 555

MadHatter 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Hi Guys:

I just bought a motonav 555. I haven't really tested it yet. I opted for it after having no luck with the garmins, magellans or tomtoms I bought to replace my dying garmin c580.

So far the motonav seems okay. two issues: it doesn't seem to recognize my home address (house was built in 1986); second problem is I cannot figure out how to program canadian addresses. Can someone tell me how this would be done? The unit does have canadian maps.


  • dhn 336 Points
    How are you trying to input Canadian addresses?
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Can you be a bit more explicit on why you feel your new Moto is not finding your home address?

    As far as searching for a Canadian address - You need to append the country abbreviation (CA) after the Providence/Territory abbreviation. For example: typing London ON CA in the City/State field should bring up the correct city. Then add your specific address or category.

    Welcome to the forum - you are now our Motonav 555 expert based upon proximity - you're the only 555 owner. :lol: :lol:
  • MadHatter 0 Points
    Expert is a strong word...We'll see how long I have this unit. I want this GPS nightmare over with. :D
  • MadHatter 0 Points
    Sorry, I wasn't clear. Strangely, when I try to enter my home address as my "home," It doesn't allow it. It uses the home two doors down. I can save it as a favorite, but not as my home address. Weird.

    RE: Canada. I followed your tip. It worked! Thanks.

    I will play with the tn555 for a few days and pass on my thoughts. This one seems to have traffic included. If so, I'll comment on that as well.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    So, are you saying the map database does not know your house number exists? One common mapping error is the street numbering can be really off. Happens with all brands of gps. In my neighborhood the houses are numbered in the opposite direction than the streets on either side of us, but the map is set to run the same numbering as the other streets. So my home address according to the map is 60 digits higher than it actually is. I am guessing your problem is different.

    I have noticed that if you attempt to set a location according to the Latitude and Longitude coordinates the gps is showing it will only allow the save to the nearest known address, which may be way off. This is a definite flaw in the way the Motonav deals with map data which is supplied by Navteq. Could it be that your "home" location when you are trying to set the Home address is actually off the street by a hundred feet or more?

    I am assuming your model works the same as the 765t so you should be able to change your current Home location. Changing it may not help you although if you are on vacation for a week it can be changed to your rental condo to make it easy to find your way back that week.

    As to your comment of ending the gps will never end and the Moto is not the Holy Grail.
  • MadHatter 0 Points
    I actually tried two ways to set "home." I tried entering my actual address and tried using current location. none works.

    When I save my home address as a favorite, the address that is retained is an address on the next block. Not far, really. the GPS has it at 30 yards away, which is about right.

    the address shows up as a position "near me" with the address I typed in orange on one line. On the lower line is an address in white (not the home address) which is preceded by a red dot. After this address is the distance to the address i inputed.

    I am not sure, but I assume the GPS is identifying the nearest address that it recognizes.

    But I wont complain unless it fails to recognize an address I really need it to find.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I am not sure, but I assume the GPS is identifying the nearest address that it recognizes.
    That is pretty much it. My Home setting is correct as far as Lat and Long. go, but when I arrive at "my home" it shows a different house number. So it does get me where I intended to go.

    Does the mapping database know your street or road exists? Or are you on an "unknown" road?

    There is a chance that a new map update will fix your problem.

    Moto needs to supply a higher level of map data. A higher level of data would also give this unit speed limit data on other classification of roads which now is sorely lacking. It only gives speed limit data on interstate highways and perhaps a few major state highways. My Navigon gives speed limits even on small secondary roads and in school zones.
  • MadHatter 0 Points
    It recognizes the street. So, it's not all bad...
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    No slight intended there, dhn, I could not remember who all had mod capabilities. I started one.....have your way with it. :wink:
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