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iPad apps: things are looking a little bleak!

loopstationzebra 0 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
Wow. So far only 1 app (CoPilot) seems optimized for the iPad. There's not even a hint of news that others will follow. Even then the reviews for the iPhone apps are all pretty meh or dismal, so not sure how an iPad version will even help matters when there seems to be so many glaring issues. :lol:

With rumors of the onboard Googlemaps being upgraded to include all sorts of GPS type features, I'm wondering if it's even worth it to try one of these things out?

One thing that I can't seem to find in the descriptions is whether or not you can touch on an object ( like a road or lake or railroad tracks) and the name of that object will be displayed? Anyone know?



  • navxguy 0 Points
    Navigon and TomTom are solid apps on iPhone - close to being 'on par' w/ their dedicated devices. I like the HD Traffic on TomTom iPhone app, better than INRIX traffic (which is what Navigon uses), and even Google traffic which is lagging the others a bit these days.

    i'm sure Navigon and TomTom will come out w/ something for iPad, but i'm guessing that the hold up is that using an iPad for turn-by-turn navigation seems a little unnecessary.

    i'm not sure what to say about Google Maps "Plus" but TomTom is getting me to my destinations pretty well right now and avoids traffic very well ... saving me driving time every day ... good luck!
  • Peteostro 0 Points
    I Use Ndrive USA, the iPhone version ($2.99) (iPad version does not do turn by turn) It works great. The GPS in the iPad is WAY better than the iphone.

    If you Jail break you can use Full Force to make NDrive work full screen works great. you can also run it in the back ground.
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