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Anyone have the Navigon 5100?

marcura05 0 Points
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Hey all, first post...
I went to look at the Navigon 2100 today and decided for an extra hundred to pick up the 5100.

Does anyone have it? Have any opinions about Navigon? I read the review of the 7100. The 5100 seems like a good deal at $300 especially with the free traffic since I'm near NYC. I have previously owned Navman, Delphi, Garmin and Magellean. I was wondering how it stacks up before I open it.


  • I bought the Navigon 5100 yesterday and I'm on the fence to return it or not. I really like my moms Nuvi 350, but this one was on sale at Staples, and I got it for $300 cheaper then the nuvi.

    Pros so far:
    - Real time exit thing is kinda cool
    - POIs on map have real symbols
    - 3D mode is easy to follow
    - Smooth while making turns, and normal following
    - Cheaper price wise

    Cons so far:
    - Sometimes takes a while to find satalights - worries me for tunnels and stuff
    - POIs are hard to browse through
    - Keypad letters are smaller then nuvi, and sometimes makes it hard to type in destinations
    - The mount isn't good quality
    - Maps are SD card, not fully built-in like the nuvi

    I'm looking all around for reviews too... I'll be driving to Myrtle beach, SC for thanks giving, so I guess that'll be the ultimate test. My 14th day is the day after I get back...

    What does anyone else think of it?
  • Don't see why this was moved but whatever...

    I was reading a little about it last night and having to have a separate antenna for the traffic is less appealing than one that runs via bluetooth in my opinion. But free is free. I decided if i like it but the traffic feature is so-so then i am going to return it for the 2100.
  • I noticed you listed the mount under cons. Why?? I have the 2100 and it has a german made mount and is excellent. I love it compared to the cheapo mount that came with my garmin.

    +1 for Navigon
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