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nuvi 200 locked."No detailed maps found that support ro

When I turn on my nuvi 200 the screen goes directly to a statement, "No detailed maps found that shpport routing. The nuvi cannot be used without them." I read somewhere that adding the memory card would help but I don't see anything new. I don't know if I need to move data to the disc myself or what to do. Any help would be greatly appriciated.


  • Boyd 1853 Points
    This is the message you will get if your map file (gmapprom.img) has gotten corrupted or if you have somehow accidentally deleted it from the GPS. Have you updated your maps recently? If so, did you save the installer file? It may be able to re-install the map.

    If you haven't updated maps recently, and haven't been messing around with files on the GPS, then I'm not sure what you can do. If you happened to back up all the files from your Nuvi, you can copy your backup of gmapprom.img back to the unit and see if it works. A call to Garmin tech support might help. Have your Nuvi and computer handy if you call - they have a way of remotely fixing things on your GPS while connected to your computer.

    I suppose you could purchase a new map, but on a unit as old as yours it will be close to the same price to replace the whole thing and have a more modern unit with a warranty.
  • It quit working one day. I updated the map on Garmin's site. Then this message started popping up. I'll give Tech Supprot a try. thanks!
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