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Garmin vs Tomtom for Smartphone GPS

gluebrass 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
I recently bought a Cingular 8525 Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC. I am interested in getting it outfitted with GPS by buying a bluetooth GPS product. I have not found very many products and for those I have I have not found a whole lot of information. RIght now these are the three main options.

The Garmin Mobile 10
The Garmin GPS 10
Tomtom Navogator 6

THe Garmin Mobile 10 has not been released and they keep delaying it. The Garmin GPS 10 has been out for a while and is probably out of date. The Tomtom Navigator 6 looks promising.
Does anyone have any experience with these products? Have any opinions?


  • Tim 1482 Points
    Your initial assessment is good. The Garmin GPS 10 is outdated and lacks many features people want and expect with a GPS/smartphone integration.

    I've used the TomTom Navigator 5 product extensively and used the new Navigator 6 product quite a bit. I think it is a fantastic product and you get quite a bit of GPS features for the price.

    The Garmin Mobile 20 product does look very promising, however as you noted it keeps getting delayed. Initially it was supposed to be out in July, then they pushed it back to November... and they obviously didn't make that estimate either. :(

    I don't have any good info on when it will exactly be released... so I think your two options are to (1) get TomTom Navigator 6 now, or wait until the Garmin product is released and make a comparison then. Most people have been really happy with the TomTom Navigator product... I know I am.
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