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How Do I Solve Free Space Problem on 7200T?

rodgersmail 0 Points
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I have a Navigon 7200T and get a message that I don't have enough free space when I try to download the latest map. Navigon will not answer my e-mails asking for more information. I assumed that I need a larger micro card, so I just bought a Sandisk Microsdhc 4 GB card to replace the 2 GB Sandisk sd card that came with the device. But when I turn on the 7200T, I get a message that "Navigon software cannot be started." When I try to download my backup copy of the original card's contents to my H drive where my device is located, I get a message saying that's impossible. Same thing when I try to download software from Navigon Freshmaps.

Some people in this forum have claimed success in using HC cards on the 7200T, but Sandisk tech support now tells me that HC cards cannot work, and all cards larger than 2 GB are HC.

What can I do to download the latest map?



  • i have a 8 gb card in mine running fine. im pretty sure its hc. why dont you backup yours, then wipe it clean and then dl the update.
  • Rather than wiping clean the whole card (I'm not tech savvy and am afraid I'll never be able to restore it), I deleted Alaska and several Canadian provinces, leaving me with 147 MB of free space. When I try to download the latest map, I still get a message that I don't have enough free space. Do I really have to delete everything? I wonder if Navigon is trying to tell me that my micro card is too small for the update and I need a larger card. If so, how do I get my new 4 GB SDHC micro card to work in the 7200T?
  • ovrclckd 0 Points
    Make sure your card is running on fat32 not NTFS. You can check that by right clicking on the card from "MY Computer" If it is running in NTFS re format the card and change the file system to fat32. Then put the formated card into pda and try to restore a backup to it. If backup is succsessful then try to update.
  • Even if you are not tech savvy, I am sure you are able to copy the contents of a SD card somewhere it is safe.
  • Bobber 0 Points
    I bought a 4gb Micro sd card at wal-mart and installed my last back-up on it , then I went to fresh maps and downloaded the q-1 update. It didn't work the first day and then I repeated the new download the next day and wham, it worked perfectly. I wonder at times if there system checks before it allows you to download so people don't pirate these updates. Just my Opinion, about the checking whose is downloading from there site by checking the e-mail addresses . I think you need the last back-up on the new card so it recognizes you.
  • God bless you, ovrclckd! Just returned from vacation and tried your approach. It almost worked, but the Freshmaps download ended unsuccessfully. It hit me that Freshmaps was produced in a pre-Windows 7 environment, so maybe it didn't work with Windows 7. I tried your procedure on a Windows XP computer and it worked perfectly! Then I got an e-mail from Navigon saying essentially what you said.

    To summarize for those nontechies having the same problem:
    1) I think the current map is too big for the 2 GB card that came with the 7200T. You need a bigger card, meaning 4 GB.
    2) Despite what SanDisk told me, an SDHC card will work. I got a 4 GB SanDisk Mobile microSDHC card from Radio Shack on sale for for $13. (It came with an adapter that I believe will allow me to use the old Navigon card in my digital camera).
    3) The new card has to be formatted in fat32. You can easily do that in Windows.
    4) Before you download the new map, you have to copy the contents of the old card to your hard drive and restore it to the new card, which is easy to do with Freshmaps. The download apparently will not work with a blank card.
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