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Issue with 2000S after Q1 2010 map upgrade

Remyx 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum

my 2000s unit has been working fine, until I updated the maps to Q1 2010.

During the upgrade process, Navigon Fresh told me I needed to insert additional memory card.
After I added 2GB microSD card, the upgrade proceeded and completed.

Now the device reboot each time it tries to display the map.
It acquires satellite signal and find position, but keeps rebooting.

Anything I can do to help it?

Is there a way to wipe out the device and start from scratch?
Where can I find info about the data and folder structure on the memory card (both internal flash and microSD). With proper direction, I could probably manipulate the files to restore it.

Thank you,


  • lol. you have maps on two cards? weird. im sure you can redownload the update via fresh or better via site as zip file.
  • Remyx 0 Points
    If I can dowload as zip file via site, I can likely sort it out. Where can I find the URL for download?

    Thank you,
  • it's pretty simple. Once you log in onto your account on, find the "other OS" download option for the maps, it will give you a complete zip file of maps and software. All you would have to do is unzip this file on empty SD card.
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