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Google Navigation

JStu313 0 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
I just picked up the HTC EVO 4G last week (4.3" screen) and am using the free Google Navigation on Android. I've heard many complaints about Google's maps, but so far in San Diego I've had pretty good routing experiences. ETA's seem fairly accurate overall, but I haven't encountered any major traffic jams as of yet to really test it. One of the features I hope gets implemented is the auto-re-routing based on updated traffic info. As of now it's still a manual process to ask it to check for another route.

Features I do like:

  • *Shows the name of current road
    *Route overview - shows the entire remaining route on the screen, zooming in as you get closer
    *Traffic - Still haven't determined how accurate it is, but it's easy to read and it's FREE
    *Voice Search - works fairly well for most things I've search for, including POI and addresses
    *Announces side of the street upon arriving at destination

Could use improvement:

  • *I'd rather see ETA as the arrival time, rather than minutes to go
    *Routing - While the primary route it selects is typically what I would take, some of the secondary options tend to be funky. My guess is that it's due to the underlying map data, but I've tried to replicate on without success.
    *Can't insert via point
    *No favorites list within the app- BUT you can create shortcuts on your "desktop" for a particular location
    *No lane guidance
    *No speed info shown

Overall, I'm impressed for a new app. Hopefully as the number of Android users continues to increase, the underlying data behind the maps/traffic will improve as well. Time will tell...
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