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Go 720 Touchscreen Freezes After Map Subscription Update

mobilelawyer 0 Points
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This is a very puzzling problem. I just updated to the latest North American map using the Home software, and eveything appeared to go just fine. But I will admit that after completing that process, I left the Tom Tom plugged into the computer all night, and the screen was still lit when I got up the next morning. I really cannot see what harm that could have done.

But when I took the Tom Tom off the dock, and I got taken to the screen with my name, and where you push the button to proceed, the screen is unresponsive.

I left the unit charging without trying to connect it for several hours, thinking perhaps the battery got drained down. But when I tried to use the device, the touchscreen will not respond. I am stuck at first base.

I have done several pin resets following the procedure suggested on the Tom Tom website, and I cannot get the touchscreen to work.

The Tom Tom website says to hold the on button for at least 5 seconds after you have held the pin rest button down for 15.

If I hold the on button for anything beyond a couple of seconds, I get a bootscreen.

I am getting a 3760 mv reading on the battery.

But since the touchscreen does not work, I cannot get the unit connected to the computer, either, because I cannot activate the yes or no button.

Since I am out of warranty, I guess I am out of luck. We are leaving on a trip out west in a couple of weeks, and I guess I am relegated to buying a new unit if there is not a way to fix it myself.

Any ideas?


  • dhn 328 Points
    Do you have a backup prior to the updating of this new map? Hopefully with Explorer?

    If you have a card reader and a sdhc card, you can download the latest application from here:

    Use WinRar to install on the card, insert the card into the unit and try to start up then. It should boot to the card and say 'no maps' found.
  • I hear what you are saying. I have some older explorer backups that I suppose I could use. I did not do one before installing this new map.

    I know. Shame on me. Should have learned from experience.

    But in all honesty, how does this get me past the problem of the buttons not working? All other aspects of the device seem to be working normally, except the touchscreen is totally inoperative.

    I do have this observation. Shortly after I posted the first message, I got a low battery screen, and the unit shut off. I have not been using the 720 a lot lately, and I wonder if I have simply trashed the battery, and it is refusing to hold an adequate charge.

    On the last map update, I had exactly the same problem. After a night of charging, the touchscreen started working again. Maybe I am just not able to get the battery to hold enough juice to overcome the issue.

    Did the voltage reading I posted in the original post seem low? Just curious.
  • dhn 328 Points
    Well, try charging the unit overnight and see if your results are better.
  • mikemu 0 Points
    Have you tried powering the unit through the car power supply? I would think battery power would be no issue once you're plugged in.
  • Have you tried powering the unit through the car power supply? I would think battery power would be no issue once you're plugged in.
    Point well taken. Yes, when I drove to work this morning, I plugged it into the cigarette lighter. The green charging light came on, but the screen buttons would still not work. In fact, I left it plugged the entire 30 minute drive to work, and the screen would still not work.

    Probably not good news. I will try to charge it up tonight, but I don't have an ac adapter designed to work with the 720. I have ordered one for $20. It is probably a losing cause, but, hey, I am a glutton for punishment.
  • dhn 328 Points
    Have you tried the suggestion about installing the software on a sdhc card and attempting to boot from the card?
  • Have you tried the suggestion about installing the software on a sdhc card and attempting to boot from the card?
    I have not. I left it charging all night with a charger that I had. Not sure it was the right voltage.

    Attached it to the dock this morning, and button worked! I programmed 3 different destinations for our upcoming trip.

    Pulled it off the dock, and no dice. Cannot get past the name and address screen.

    This just sounds like a hardware and/or perhaps a battery problem to me, but I may try your suggestion. What is there to lose?

    If I am able to install the map to the card like you suggested and I boot it up and there is "no map found" what do I do then. This is uncharted territory for me.
  • dhn 328 Points
    If you add the application to the sdhc card and then install the downloaded map there, the unit will find the map.

    Make it a 4-gig sdhc card, not a 2-gig sdhc card. And not just a sd card, but a sdhc card.
  • I did not try the SDHD option. I formatted the device and the card and restored the entire drive from an explorer back up.

    When it booted up, I was taken to a screen to set the language, and I still have a touchscreen problem. It is either non- functional or partially functional, so that I cannot successfully to through the steps to set up, like choosing a language and so forth.

    I try to select english, and it chooses italian, and then when i try to push the no button, it is non- functional. Reset, go through the same scenario, etc.

    This seems to be touchscreen calibration issue or something happened to make it non- functional. I guess I as wrong about it being a battery problem.

    So, I am just going to buy a new device, either new or refurbished, either Tom Tom or Garmin. I am looking for suggestions.

    I am no longer interested in bluetooth functionality, and quite frankly, just do not use it anymore to connect to the phone. Could care less about mp3 use, etc., etc.

    I am trying to keep costs down. I am kind of drawn to the TomTom XXL 540, but might get the 340 instead because I assume it would fit inside the case I already have for the 720. I also assume that if I got either, they would both work with the Tom Tom AC quick charger that I just received.

    I would probably get the lifetime map and traffic subscription if went with either of those options. Any thoughts or suggestions from anyone?

    I know this is the Tom Tom forum, but given my needs, what about Garmin alternatives? My needs are not very sophisticated, so a Garmin may suit me better. This may sound incredibly stupid, but I am kind of looking at the the Garmin 260w, with a purchase of a lifetime map update, which I could buy for less than $200 total on Amazon.
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