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pansonic nvd905u maps

newmanfan39 0 Points
hello i have a panasonic cn-nvd905u. i also have the 2008 map update kit installed and everything on it. My thing is, it is now mid 2010 and there hasnt been any updates to the maps from this company. I am wondering if it is possible to us any other gps software in my unit or get a program that can convert maps to my units extension files. Any help would be awsome since using outdated maps are not fun.


  • patruns 10 Points
    As you have discovered, the 2008 update was the only one made. Anything is possible but I doubt you will be able to find any software to replace what is in your unit. For starters, you have an in-dash unit that uses SD cards for updates. You would have to actually write a program that would delete only the GPS software, put it on the SD card and run it. Then, you would have to find other GPS software and write an installation program for that. Plus, you have to pay for the software. All in all, if your maps are so out of date that they no longer serve your needs your best bet is just to buy a portable GPS, or if you have a phone with GPS, an app for it.
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