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SirfIII Samsung400MHz N-4210

I was not sure where to post my question but I have copied it here too.

Hi there,

Not a very techno savvy person so I will try and put as much details as I know. Please help!

I am from Sydney and recently moved to California. Ages ago, I bought this GPS on e-bay (2007 I think) and now that I have moved I want to install appropriate maps.

The GPS is not a brand just a made in china cheaper variety. The GPS was sold as "SirfIII Samsung400MHz N-4210". I had Australia maps on it. The maps were "Route66".

To my understanding there are 3 files I will need to install US maps. Route66, Shell.INI and User Manual. How can I go about converting the files to US files i.e. where can I download them.

Please let me know. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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