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7000T Questions

7100_user 0 Points
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I have a Navigon 7000t that I purchased while I was in Europe. I am now back in the U.S. and want to get the North American maps on my GPS. I have tried to run the CD that was included, which has the 'map materail'.

However, I cannot get the CD to run properly; I don't get a gui or anything, the CD just spins. How would I go about getting the U.S. maps installed? Note: I am able to browse the CD and I do have another seperate SD card for the U.S. maps to be installed on. I'm just not sure what on the CD needs to be carried over to the SD card to get the GPS to work with it.



  • bigperk 0 Points
    Can you see an Installer file on the CD? If you can, try double-clicking it.
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