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Map on SD card question

I purchased a new map (2011.1) on a SD card (want to use it in different units as needed).
When I go to the map data screen, both the SD card map and the older map on the unit are listed, and I can check and uncheck them.
Should I leave both checked or uncheck the older one? Does the GPS just ignore the old one or does it use them together if both checked?

Also, the new POI are included with the new map, correct?

This is for a 255w with 2010.30, 260 with 2009.xx (the one that is similar to a 255) and 200 with 2009.xx. SD card has 2011.10.

I searched for this but could not find an answer and did not see anything in the stickies or FAQ.

I was also curious how it works with the free user maps that are available (like does it fill in missing stuff and such).


  • Tim 1497 Points
    I'd just leave the one checked that you want to use and uncheck the others. Yes, the new POIs are included with the new map.
  • blupupher 91 Points
    I just was not sure if the GPS would "merge" the 2 maps together or if it just ignored the older one (and POI's).
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